Mep Report #108 - 23 July 2008
Lying Mothers and the Babies they Wield, Generic Chieftain Man and the Bear God Puku-Puku, Male Angst as Motivation for Human Sacrifice, Baseball as Religious Methadone, Aztec Hippies, and TMR Defeats MLB Attorneys in Pitched Battle.

Mep Report #107 - 6 July 2008
The Big Fireworks Lobby, How Businesses are Oppressed by Native Americans, The "Put That Shit in the Sky," Plan, Flying Plasmas, How the Black Market is Your Friend, Greg and Clea Fly their Conservative Flags High, and Baldness as a Gender Identifier.

Mep Report #106 - 11 June 2008
The Wilson Baby Rocks the DPS, John McCain as a DragonBall Z Character, Shopping for Homophobes, Classic Rock Pwnage, Neil Young Loves Trains, the Mind-Boggling Success of "Daft Hands," and How Many Five Year Olds Can You Take Down?

Mep Report #105 - 25 May 2008
Hypermepilating, Sexual Innuendo and You, Breaking up with Greg is Hard to Do, Don't be Glen (or Ross), Elves are Fancy Boys, Heavy Metal Sonnets, Russ's New Snazzy Gadget (that isn't purple!), and Mac Users are Jerks!

Mep Report #104 - 11 May 2008
Chicken-infected Salt, Microwaving for Great Justice, Small Town Stores, The Great/Terrible Debate about GE Foods, Rehabbing from BoingBoing, Trapped in Jdate Vortexes, Pining for Universal Zombism, and the True Origins of Nien Nunb.

Mep Report #103 - 08 March 2008
World of Addictioncraft,Greg Twitters, Clea Ponders Washington Towns, And Points Out Russ's Predictabliity,Breast Milk Applications, When you Wish Upon a Matzoh, Spicing Up Songs with "Eh!", and more bad Jdating.

Mep Report #102 - 25 February 2008
Storey vs. the Sloth Bear, Aloeverapathy, Hinduism in a Bag, Why Gandhi Gift Shops are not a Growth Industry, Justice Brandeis Heads to Hooters, TMR Welcomes a New Mepper, and Russ Hates 24 Year Olds.

Mep Report #101 - 19 January 2008
Listening to Emus is Better than Taunting Tigers Drunk (and High), Storey Meets Snake Pliskin, Uwe Boll Defeats Smokey and the Bandit by TKO, Clea Internalizes a New Emu, This Show Not Suitable for Listening Without Parent, You May Owe You Money, 100% of Clowns LOL@ Statistics, and Placentas as Mood Rings.

Mep Report #100 - 24 December 2007
TMR Goes Centenarian, Dulcet Tones of Liminal Space, Warring Gazebo States, Russ Subjects the Meppers to Furry Culture, Star Wars Fails at Physics, Sly Stallone is Old, Cutting Edge Fremen Technology, and there... are... Four... Wives!

Mep Report #99 - 15 December 2007
Message Board Territoriality, The New Segue Sound Effect, THe Price is Right Chop Shop, Fairytale Elves vs. Fantasy Elves, The Last Great Viking Debate of '07, St. Magnus the Fictional, Sabre-Tooth Tiger Soup, Dentist Holliday, And How Clangy was the Iron Age?

Mep Report #98 - 8 December 2007
The Kris Kringle of Kaspersky, Waiting for Bureacracy and Global Climate Trends, Craigslist's Free Rent for Nakeds, John Woo's Body Swapper, Diplomatic Abortions, and Unanimous Euthenasia, and the Great Baby Migration of 2176, and A New Emu.

Mep Report #97 - 1 December 2007
Chinese Dissidents Discover Emus, Incompetent Translation, The Teddy Bear that Shall Not be Named, Darwinian Cannabalism, The Internet Saga of 'Two Girls One Cup', Russ Identifies with Surfers who Rob Banks while Wearing Nixon Masks, And a Special Edition of Mep Lore: Drug Variety Night.

Mep Report #96 - 22 November 2007
A Minor Miscalculation, Turkey Crunk Lore, Your Choices are Commercialism or Gluttony, Parades that Come to You, My Grandson Works for the Mystery Tubes, The Legend of Fallopius Flairndip, Calling Greg, In Person E-mail Scams, O Beethoven! O Kids! O Tables!, and All Movies Prominently Featuring Domesticated Animals are Terrible.

Mep Report #95 - 02 November 2007
The Prodigal Emu Returns, Trent Lott - Minority Whip, Immortal Dead Clams, TMR Institues the Alzheimer's Prevention Hour, The Great Audio Braille Experiment, Two Bumps Two Bumps Two Bumps, Traiblazers Draft Edward Scissorhands, Rejecting Max Contracts, There are no Ampersands in Baseball, And, Whatever You Do, Stop at Purple Belt!

Mep Report #94 - 26 October 2007
Russ Goes Boing Boing Boing, And Subsequently Runs out of "Units," Speed Readers vs. Auctioneers, TMR Eats a Turkey Sandwich with the Devil, MassiveAwesomeErectionWebsite.com, The Adventures of Flying Buttress Boy, Greg Desperately Wants to Ridicule Navy Football, Force Lightning in a Can, Cows and Terrorists Conspire to Turn the World into a Slurpee, and Clea Ponders Why Tourists Enjoy Reaching Up the Bull's Ass.

Mep Report #93 - 19 October 2007
(Guest Co-host: Kevin Grinberg) Metier Me, Fictional Portals to Hell, Militarizing North Korea's De-militarized Zone, The Gatorade Center for High Fructose Corn Syrup Pouring, Word Empowering, Elementary Racism by Dr. Watson, Deterrence via Overreaction, Greg's Tales of Road Rage, and Can the Elderly Competently Commit Felonies?

Mep Report #92 - 12 October 2007
Yankees Lose! Theeee Yankees Lose!, Russ Blames the Red Sox for 9/11, MepWiki: A Page That Will Live in Infamy, TMR Drafts Holy Warriors for the Great Battle Against the Clown, Smart Chocolate, Weird Foods, Discussion Gets "Interesting" (Sadly), Knights Templar Bugger Pope, Soft-Modding and You, And Hating Cannot.Sleep.Clown.Will.Eat.Me@gmail.com

Mep Report #91 - 28 September 2007
The Tale of Ernest Schaudenfreuder: The Inventor of Milled Beer, The Meaningless Lives of Met Fans, The Dangers of Emotional Investment in the MacDonalds 'Monopoly' Game, Fantatical Powers, Clea Compares Monks to Satanists, Anarchists Have Trouble Coordinating, TMR's First Stock Tip, New Yorkers Complain About Fascism, The Falafel Man and His Propaganda, And the Great Mystery of the Holiday Inn Express 'Stay Smart' Campaign.

Mep Report #90 - 13 September 2007
The Sleep and Science Episode: Russ Dreams Bad Sci-fi Scripts, Comatose Revelations, Alpha-Wave Meditation Cults, Lucy Dreams, Greg Dreams of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Arnold Schwarzenegger Carrying a Pasta Machine, TMR Solves the Energy, Climate Crises and Iraq war Trifecta, and Time-Traveling Reverse-Psychology Nazi Ad Campaigns.

Mep Report #89 - 6 September 2007
Simultaneous Mepping, Greg Gets Mistaken for a Sixteen Year-Old, Hugh Grant's Whore Mangler, Enterprise Fender-Benders, Costco's Sarcastic Price Club, Clea Learns to Hate, Telemarketing 101, More Wiki-Vandalism, All Sex is Rape Until it's Not, and Newsflash: Christopher Walken is Strange.

Mep Report #88 - 23 August 2007
Russ and the Russian go to Heckling School, Joe Stuhoob's Inn for Scalpers, Men's Room Humor, The Great Dogfighting Debate of Ought-Seven, Consecutive Alternating Hooks = Invincibility, The 60s Stun, Dogs are Klingons, Dog Eugenics, and Michael Vick Sodomizes the Elderly and/or Disabled.

Mep Report #87 - 15 August 2007
Serial Amazon Reviewers, Who is Harriet Klausner?, Off-Off Broadway Flops, Wiki-ruption, Everyone's Favorite Show: "Let's Go Outside and Watch the Dueling Guys Shoot Each Other in the Head!", Renaissance Message Boards, Steinbeck to Steinbrenner, Boom Goes the Dynamite, and Rex Hudler: Color Man or 1920s Seductress?

Mep Report #86 - 8 August 2007
Storey Shuffles Off this Mepper Coil (to a 21 Bagpipe Salute), Clea Gets Called Up to the Majors, Russ Becomes a Salmon, Comedy vs. a Stable Family Life, Russ Almost Gets Married and Doesn't Know Why, Russian Litigators < Breasts, When Reality Shows Shouldn't Be, Decapitated Heads Also < Breasts, Male Breasts Also < Female Breasts, Beauty is in the Eye of the Double Helix, An End to Vague Demographic Descriptions, and Prisoners are People Even in Sign Language.

Mep Report #85 - 11 July 2007
A Day that Will Live in Famy, Russ Travels to the Land of Deliverance, Major City Qualifications, DC Madames Attend Debate Camp, Al Qaeda M.D., The National Automotive Threat Level, Fantasies of Alien Conquerors, This Next Story May Kill You, The Future of Wooden Cyborgs in MLB (Joe Nuxall vs. Buffalo Knuckles), Saturn's Curse, and Marauding Gangs of Betrothed Jews.

Mep Report #84 - 27 June 2007
The Art Interpretation Episode: Russ' Little Secret, the Power of Oprah, Artists Too Cool for an Audience, Accessibility of Books, Your Lover vs. Houghton-Mifflin, the MMORPG of Doom, Cocaine is Not Art, How to Interpret the New Hit Song Called "Kill Yourself, Kill Yourself, Kill Yourself Now", Serial Killers' Reading Lists, and this Episode Makes You Stab Your Neck.

Mep Report #83 - 13 June 2007
Anger Confidential, Greg Tries to Get Storey Fired, Buzz Gooberman to the Rescue, Red Sox Paranoia, Tales of Unending Roadtrips, Unwise Trip to Wise, Uneducated Trip to Oxford, Subjective Theories of Time, Quantum Mechanics, and Particle Physics.

Mep Report #82 - 6 June 2007
Whoa-oa-oa, Letter from a Chad, Prophet Meter, Three's Company in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib, Jim Croce Plugged, Greg Learns Who Raffi Is, John Ritter the Ninja Turtle, APDA Werewolf/Mafia, Meta-Meta-Meta Rally Time, Fun with Plantar Fasciitis, Giambi's Gellin', RPG Realism Revisited, and Grailade.

Mep Report #81 - 30 May 2007
Russ Tries to Get Storey Killed at a Mariners/Angels Game, the Rally Gorilla, Greg Learns Compassion in a Hockey Arena, Russ' USCongress.TV, A-Rod Plays Uno with a Stripper, Michael Kay Continues to be an Idiot, Storey's Opposition to Privacy, Storey Makes an Announcement that Disgusts the Others, the Wife-Beating Crap-Eater, and Exhibitionist Puritans.

Mep Report #80 - 23 May 2007
This Bird Has Flown (Norwegian Greg), Chewbacca Dies, The Onion Concedes, Russ Fought the Law and the Law Won, Hon. Douglas Malcolm's Most Just Celery Sandwich, The Strange Ethics of Acceptance in Norwegian Lines, Viking Pillaging vs. Snail Cultivation, Austin and His JDate Crash a Skating Party, Russ Joins a Ditzy Commercial Girl and an Axe-Murderer in the Non-Sheep Reject Pile, and a Serious Discussion of the Dead: Jerry Falwell, Ronald Reagan, and Shawshank's Warden Norton.

Mep Report #79 - 9 May 2007
Storey Lives, an Extensive Explanation of the Nature of an Elliptical Trainer, Swedish Complaint Departments and Other Myths, U?SB's, The Great Debate Over the Definition of the Word Portable, Capsule Sponge Animals vs. Shrinky-Dinks, Toy Safety Standards, the Young Mepventers Club, Russ as a Cyborg with a Bomb, the Epic Nuking of Troy, the Electric-Shock Alarm Clock, Storey's Risk Aversion, and Children: Not as Smart as Adults.

Mep Report #78 - 25 April & 2 May 2007
Vanilla Christ and Chocolate Moses, It's Not Unusual for Russ to Be Alone... Because He's Too Smart for People, the Birth of an ArrogantJerk, the Giant Flying Beaver's Quantum Leap, Serious Vlogging, the Boston Digg Party, RIAA Puppy-Kicking Stakes, Greg Explains Why the Mep Report is On the Internet, Clea Winnebago-Ho-Chunk, Little-Known Stories of Kokopelli, Naked Hydration Via Torso-Licking, First Do All Harm, 09-F9, Diplomatic Immunity and Movie Threes, Peter Jackson's Jesus-Gandhi-Buddha Application, We Like to Star-Wars Star-Wars, and Star Wars 255: Death of Chewbacca.

Mep Report #77 - 18 April 2007
Vonnegut's Daughter, the Cellphone Scurvy Apocalypse, Mechanical Bee Development, BDS, Iraq: Wipeout!, Storey Breaks the Sound Barrier, the Father of All Terrorists of All Time, Skeletor Slays the Princess of Power, Raleigh Eviscerates Marlowe, the Meaning of Decimated, the Virginia Tech Shooter/Admin Technology Gap, Antidepressant Safety, Bees with Guns, and Our Super-Duper Uplifting Analysis of Seung Cho.

Mep Report #76 - 4 April 2007
The Onion Steals Our Material, Copylips, an E-Mail from Greg's Soulmate, Mozes-Hataz, Extra-Tasty-Crispy Christianity, Big Spooky Heads Attached to Clouds, Random Free-Association Lightning, the Online Guide to Buddhist Retribution, Sandy Koufax the Fourth Prophet, Brit-Bashing, Wii-Falling, Brainwiing, Wiialism, Ender's MoonMaster, and Video Games Take Over.

Mep Report #75 - 28 March 2007
Microprofit, No More Mr. McCartney, Cell Phone Disabling Ring-Tone, Making Bounce Houses Out of Nothing at All, Bush Tears His Own Leg Off (by which we mean "Attacks Iran"), Iran Eats the British Hostages, Britain Sends in the Bobbies, Harry Potter Rules Gitmo, Greg Enjoys Russ' Experience with Gratuitous Nudity, Humbaba Becomes Comfortably Numb, Incoherent Pretending to Sweat, and Russ' Sumerian-English English-Sumerian Dictionary.

Mep Report #74 - 21 March 2007
A Christmas Equinox, Apocalypse Then, Mass-Historians, Back to the Committee Meeting, the Cannibal Grandson of Hitler, Storey Litters Parallel Universes, The Meanwhile... 72-Screen Meanwhile... Universe Meanwhile... Movie, the Noble Global Lie and the Fastidious Gremlins, the Unbearable Lightness of February 2nd, ATHFTMR the Movie, Mutant Emu Reptile Chickens, 1980-4 Candidates, Honor Thy Good, TwitterOrkutFriendsterFacebook and the Unclickables, Storey Hides from Neo-Nazis, Phonemmercials, and the Mep Report Throws Russ on the Street.

Mep Report #73 - 14 March 2007
The Vownage Video, California Orangin', You Can Call Me Bob Garfunkel, NCAA vs. NBA, High-Stakes Prison Basketball, Escape Via Organ Donation, Vonage Rejects Our Critique, Viacom and the Deep Pockets, Mistakes Were Made, the Righteous Bullets, and the Great Line of Maginot.

Mep Report #72 - 7 March 2007
Good Showers vs. TMR, Social Workers for the Rich, Welcome to Storey's Hallucination, the 4th Wall Shattering Voice in Your Head, Having a Baby on MySpace, Sending Mail to 911, Harry Potter and the LOLOL, Lost in Customer Service, Disneyland's Support Structure, Nordstrom's Calls an Amulet, Real Estate Tells You What You Really Want, Neighbors with Money, Personal Shoppers, Storey's Favorite Rich Person, Class Action Charity, Angelina Jolie is Collective Soul, and Clea Alienates Our Computers.

Mep Report #71 - 28 February 2007
Enter the Cavalry, the Trapeze Wedding March, Sex and Fake Ratios, Just Sell Baby, the Stock Market Crash, Hating What You're Good At, Strom Thurmond Totally Pwns Al Sharpton, Fixed Incomes, The "I Shouldn't [Blank] With Money" Challenge, Ben Brandzel's Conveyor Belt Scenarios, Taxation by Earmark, and the Department of Pro Wrestling.

Mep Report #70 - 21 February 2007
The Power of the Dark Age, Intel EXTREME Graphics, the Legend of Music, Video Game Realism, Seizure-Protection Glasses, What Happens in Vegas Takes You Out Behind the Woodshed, Lip-Synching to Wax Cylinders, Radio Shack Rice-a-Roni, High Margin Items, Feeding Mr. Bob's Kids, Corny Coke, NASCAR Nonsense, Harrison Bergeron Goes to Sports, Harnesses of Fire, and Russ Chooses Eyeball Implosion Over Being Within 23,999 Miles of a NASCAR Event.

Mep Report #69 - 15 February 2007
Choose Your Own Mep Report, Blindfolded Podcasting, the Transitive Property of John Ameci, Marrying Jesus, MMORPJ, Really Unfunny Stuff, Wilson vs. Bradley, Specializing in Fame, the Rise and Conquest of Tomorrow's Diseases, the Space Program Lottery, Mep... in... Space, and North Korea's Infinite Loop.

Mep Report #68 - 7 February 2007
You Don't Know Me and You Don't Even Care, CommercialBowl, 7/7/7, 9/11 = 1/31 = 23 = Pi, Quantum Leap to Voiding the Universe, Yoda's Storage Swamp, the Rat Pack's Porridge, You Go for the Dead Relative - You Stay for the Vintage Coasters, Young Storey and Russ are Abducted by Aliens at the Grand Canyon's Edge, the Cockroach Collection, Kellogg's Ant Bran, Psycho Filmed Live, and Edgar Allan's Cousin.

Mep Report #67 - 31 January 2007
(Guest: David Rees) Live Coverage of the Mooninite Invasion of Boston, Storey Steps on a Needle (and Fails to Make the Others Laugh), Storey Visits Hell Through a Dose of Vicodin, Back to Boston, the Mep Report Hilton-Hoax, Barbaro's Personal Assistant, Sarcasm Personified, David Rees Changes Exactly One Person's Mind About the War on Terrorism, and Fumbling Towards Entropy.

Mep Report #66 - 24 January 2007
Mep Goes to the Movies II: the Revenge - Sex Violence and Dakota Fanning, Matt Damon: Ageless Wonder in the Boring Clemency, Close Talkers of the Third Kind, Beowulf and Raaaaaaaar, Horror vs. Scary, Clint Eastwood in Shawshank, Jude Jim and 23... plus Greg Hates Karaoke and Holden Caulfield, and the State of Irrelevance.

Mep Report #65 - 17 January 2007
Pump it Mep, the Secret of Unbeknownst Comedy, MC Setters, A History of Carpentry, Jesus Vila, Games Jesus Plays, Chats with God, Easter Egg Academia, Synthesize Me, the PPP Revisited, Jimmy Stewart Holds His Wee for a Wii, Saltine Contests, Apococlockto, and this is the Way the World Ends.

Mep Report #64 - 10 January 2007
Russ' Former Boss Gets Colberted, Storey Forgets English, Drug War Analysis on Crack, the Government Likes Alcohol, The War-Loss-Drinking Theory, Regulation of Playoff Games, Iraq Surge: The Compromise Where Everyone Loses, The PIRGsurgency, Scorps on a Plane, Bush's Little-Known Cook Named Serge, and Greg Transfers to the University of Kuwait.

Mep Report #63 - 3 January 2007
Stuck Snowy Storey Shows Super Simplicity, All-In for Heroin, The Search for Obama, Drunken Pilots and Other Tales of Opportunism, Fun with Math (No, Really), The Mep Revised, The Saddam Hussein Execution Video Pyramid Scheme Massacre, The Fourth Coming of the Giant Flying Beaver, College Football vs. AYSO Soccer, BCS vs. Pro Wresting vs. the Oracle of Delphi, the NCAA vs. Orthodox Judaism, and Russ vs. his Mind.

Mep Report #62 - 27 December 2006
Candles in a Bag, Gerald Ford (Godfather of Old), Death Penalty Lotto, Toxoplasmosis Sweeps France, Russ Explains that Toilets Represent Technological Advancement (with the PPP), Russ Hates Holidays, Castro's Colon, Who is that Masked Baseball Player?, Black Market Goobie, We All Live with a Lot of Disease, and Yes We Have No Bananas.

Mep Report #61 - 20 December 2006
Happyness is a Free Movie, From a D to an E, Storey Gets a Nerd Demotion, Coincidance, Bush: Stupid or Selfish?, We Solve the Iraq War's Personnel Shortage with Gang-Bangers, Cops, Prisoners, Civil War Re-Enacters, Pinochet, Zombies, AI and Larry Brown, a REAL Earthquake, The Minor Earthquake Response Team, and Mushroom Shampoo.

Mep Report #60 - 13 December 2006
The Six Miles of Heroism, McBears and Igloo Queens, Critical American Lives vs. The Meaningless Existence of the Feces People, Storey Unveils a Presidential Quiz Featuring Justin Timberlake, The Holocaust Convention That Wasn't, Israel Rolls a D20, and Dave Goldberg The Long Island Werewolf Hunter (TM).

Mep Report #59 - 6 December 2006
The History of America Since 2001 (Circa 1998), The Dead On Balzac Curate, Princeton Review Citizenship Tests, Submliminal... Like a Fox, Tales of Small Talk: Throwing the Flag, Being Cool, Slipping Away, and Yelling for Anarchy; plus Video-Gamers in the Afterlife Standing in for Most of Earth's People and Cross-Species Mating.

Mep Report #58 - 29 November 2006
Poker Parades, Subway's Bread Shortage, and The Mep Report Debates Doctors: Migraines, Anti-Depressants, Acupuncturists, Multivitamins, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Vaccines, and Learning from Experience.

Mep Report #57 - 22 November 2006
A Tienanmen Turducken, Storey Has a Doctor, Super Triple Migraine Fury Go Now, Russ' Error of Comedies, The Michael Richards Dead Air Special, Tales of a Cracker, Pursuing Happiness in the Tenderloin, and Russ Finds True Love with the Princess of Power.

Mep Report #56 - 15 November 2006
Radio Recruitment for Death, Oprah for President, John Milton's Cheeseburger, Reverse in Orleans New, Dancing in Toasted Oatmeal, OJ's Money Shot, Hertz Ads, Our Visit to http://www.friendster.com/3148475, and Hang on Schmoopie.

Mep Report #55 - 7 November 2006
2006 Election Special: Buddy Khavkhalash Appears, Storey Hates Paper Ballots, the Government Serves Stew, Exit Poll Impatience, Russ' Vote Doesn't Count, Negron Activate, Russ Misleads the BH, Finger Lickin' Socialism, Oil Obfuscation, and the Penn State PreNatal Lions.

Mep Report #54 - 1 November 2006
(Guest: Charles Cadenhead) Timeliness, the Crazy Asian Band, MepOn.org, the Quadfecta, the Clown-Stripper Portion of 9/11, Terror Strikes Staten Island, Schwarzenegger vs. Huffington, Tactical Nukes, MostlyNews.net, Storey Calls Out the Nielsen Ratings, and a Whole New Meaning to Political Exchange.

Mep Report #53 - 25 October 2006
(Guest: Yoni Newman) Your Cheatin' Rogers, Baseball Law, Deterrent by Death, Chevy Propaganda Conquers the USA, Bush Both Does and Does Not Change His Iraq Policy, Hugo for Security, Midterm Election Preview, Giant Roosters, the Canadian Government, Struggles with Swearing, and Mep Report Authors.

Mep Report #52 - 18 October 2006
Unsolicited Magazines, Jack Attack, Publish or Perish, News from the Ivory Tower, the Los Angeles Angels of Academia, Ikea, An Audience of One, Laughtracks Live, Art Declared Dead, Paint on Me, and a 4-Year-Old Does the Mep Report?

Mep Report #51 - 13 October 2006
Friday the 13th in Mepland, Speak-and-Spell Ouija, The Ultimate Video Game Immersion Door-to-Door Service, Our Post-Apocalyptic Future, Adjectival Leaders, Russ' Elaborate Plan to End the War in Iraq and Revitalize the US Army with NFL Players, the End of the A's, and Our New Web Design.

Mep Report #50 - 4 October 2006
50th Episode Megashow, with Special Guests Jordan Segal, Emily Clayton, Clea Wilson, Steve Lubitz, and Jeff Delacorte... 20% More Storey, Russ' Trip Down J-Date Lane, Alien Babies, Storey Wrestles Nutrition, Happiness Debated, Flirty Foley, THE Greg Wilson, Screwed in Sacramento, Miscarriage Trauma, Fantasy Football, and Our Biggest Fan.

Mep Report #49 - 27 September 2006
Clea Returns, Knock-Knock in the Closet, Clea Feeds Russ Shellfish, An eSnipe Hunt, GPS, Humans Devolve, Cell Phone Values, TO's Publicist, and the Horrors of Baseball Hall of Famers.

Mep Report #48 - 20 September 2006
Welcome to Utah, Meet the Mep, Coup de Thai, Iran Cures AIDS, Aerosmith Lucas Laserdiscs, Westworld Remade, How to Beat MVP Baseball 2005: a Guide, Misstepped Movies, Your 2006 Terrorism Warrrrrriors!, Yul Brynner Helper Robots, MacGyver, and Baby Muppets Superman.

Mep Report #47 - 13 September 2006
(Guest: Emily Clayton) Storey Commits Seppuku on his Pinky, 2 Out of 3 Meppers Don't Use Doctors, 85% Incompetence, In Case of Subaru Break Glass, Flaming Napkins, Parking Lot Vultures, Vioxxalypse Now, Wasted Potential, and a Meptrack of Our Lives.

Mep Report #46 - 6 September 2006
Send Us an Emu, The Committee to Plan Committees Committee, Storey's Felony, Russ Commits Mental Seppuku, and Why the Mep Report Will Never Have Strippers.

Mep Report #45 - 30 August 2006
A Brief History of Mep, Car Talk, The Big Lebowski, World Class Bottle-Sorting, Adopt a Driver, Socially Conscious Strippers, Cutco: the Biggest Scam in America, The Moral Series of Poker, and Job Gets Jobbed.

Mep Report #44 - 23 August 2006
An Evening of Fantasy with the Emu: A Disneyland Battle for the Soul of Greg, It's Cynicism After All, Disrael, Dark Age of Rehab, Mr. Mr. Toad Toad Happy Fun Land Ride, Baseballand, Fantasy Sports, Fantasy Pronunciation, Fake Italians, the Soul of Muhammad Ali, and Stem-Cell Imaginings.

Mep Report #43 - 16 August 2006
A Polaroid Emu, Word Reclamation, Prelude to a Milking, the Genesis of Sega Sales, the Last Soda Sommelier, SwearWars, Prime Emu's Questions, and a Discussion of Wizards Leads Us Back to Science vs. Religion.

Mep Report #42 - 10 August 2006
Mets Fans, the Podcast Quiz, We Become a Show About Emus, Russ Folds on a Date, North Korean Medieval Relics, Storey Declares War on the Family, Greg Separates Us from the Animals, and Two Irrationals Fail to Make a Rational.

Mep Report #41 - 2 August 2006
Illness Assails the Meppers, MepWiki, Compulsory Pejorative Titles (CPTs), Russ Disproves Jesus, Greg Fans His Frustration, The 4 Rules of Life, The Verb To Genocide, and a Comprehensive History of Storey's Dating Past.

Mep Report #40 - 26 July 2006
We Win the Cast War, Central Meditation Agency, Jeff Calls Back, Tony Barking Blair, Russ and the Podcastress, Cat Scratch Village, the Israel/Hezbollah Conflict Creates a Worldwide Genocide, and Free Will Revisited.

Mep Report #39 - 19 July 2006
Emus Gone Wild, Sudanese Stem Cells, Russ Eats Friends and Celebrities, Attack of the Animate Corn, Fantasy Class, Robots, and Why God is More than a Bad Bureaucrat.

Mep Report #38 - 12 July 2006
Storey Meets Zinedine Zidane on the Subway, Tales of Road Rage, Russ Defends Zizou, School Fights, Russ Moves from Burma to Antarctica, Russ Regrows Hair, Trapezoidal Heads, Forgiveness, and the All-Star Game.

Mep Report #37 - 5 July 2006
Spanish Translation, World Goooooooooool Cup, Mep Merchandise Announced, Lay Kenneth Lay, Laser Tag, DDR, Russ eHarmonizes, Lonely Celebrities and Other Myths, and Politics: Dynasties vs. Attractiveness.

Mep Report #36 - 28 June 2006
Mep Goes to the Movies: X3, Fox Does LotR, Halle Berry's History, Aquaman, Superman, and How to Win an Oscar... But First, Greg, Russ, and Clea Bash the West in Storey's Absence... and Later, the Internet at Work and Aging Musicians.

Mep Report #35 - 21 June 2006
NBA Finals, The Boss Key, PC vs. Mac vs. Commodore, the Impending Nuclear Sandbox War, the Spolied Cocaine-Laden Alcoholic Sons of Debutants are Replaced by Tonka Trucks, North Korea Wanders the Streets, and Storey Roots for Ghana and thus Sparks a Debate on the Nature of the USA.

Mep Report #34 - 14 June 2006
Tiddlywinks, Hot Older Women, Superman and Garfunkel, Superzeroes, the World Cup, False Advertising, Ballerinas vs. Bettis, Breaking a Leg for Lovin', and CastWars.

Mep Report #33 - 7 June 2006
(Guest: Kevin Grinberg) Fun with Anne Coulter, Russ Learns from a Blind Date, Wrestling with Analogies, Two Indian Tech Supporters Battle for the Heart and Mind of Greg, X3 Spoiled, Veronica Mars vs. Rachel in Africa, the Ministry of Silly Names, and Prince's Credit Rating.

Mep Report #32 - 31 May 2006
(Guests: Steve & Maureen Lubitz) The Bush/Gump Conspiracy, the Women of Catan, Andy Crashes a Highschool Dance, the Ethics of Dance-Rejection, Wherever Yugo I Will Follow, Storey Brings the Hate, Andy's Deaf Ear Explained, and a Wicked Good Sit-In.

Mep Report #31 - 24 May 2006
(Guest: Jordan Segal) Storey Transcends Life as a Grapefruit, Russ Finds a New Friend-ster, the Even-Number Principle Explained, Hot Elevator Lovin', Troubleshooting Russ' Dilemma in the Face, and a 28-Hour Roadtrip with the Emu.

Mep Report #30 - 17 May 2006
(Guest: David Rennich) Wicked Good Shoutouts, Russ is Prescribed Pop-Rocks, We All Mep in a Yellow Submarine, Storey Watches a Video Game Come to Life, Canada Pucks Up, and Our Guest Worker Program Debuts.

Mep Report #29 - 10 May 2006
Daniel Day Lewis Rides into the Night, Andy Alienates the Spat-Upon, and The Mep Report Exposes the Hypocrisy and Deceit of Digg.com (with Andy for the Defense).

Mep Report #28.1 - 3 May 2006
Serious discussion of determinism vs. free will.

Mep Report #28 - 3 May 2006
How to Be a Mep Guest Without Really Trying, a Call from the Wild, Andy Fails to Guess Storey's New Job, Podvertising, Forrest Gump Guest Stars, Fun with Plagiarism, and Determinism vs. Free Will.

Mep Report #27 - 26 April 2006
Bad Moods, Fantasy Sports Trades, Wesley Willis Revisited, Nation's Slow Burger, When Food Goes Bad, Baseball Contraction, The Longest-Running AOL Subscriber Ever, Mep Guest Opportunities, and Clea's Random Yoga Cult.

Mep Report #26 - 19 April 2006
A Random Caller to Our New Phone Number, Andy Candy, Saving the World with Play-Doh, Passover Slaughter, Computers with Cupholders, the March of Dimes, and Russ Ruins Wesley Willis' Reputation.

Mep Report #25 - 13 April 2006
25th Anniversary MetaShow: The Omaha Story, Competitiveness Gone Wild, the Dangers of Watching Sports, Russ Dubs Greg, the Moussaoui Trial, and Pure Obscurity.

Mep Report #24 - 5 April 2006
The Wonderment of Video FIFA, Andy's Blackberry Explodes, The Cinque Terre Porno Debacle, Gandhis vs. Klingons, Curse of the Supermen, and Clutchness Defined.

Mep Report #23 - 29 March 2006
Clea Wilson guest stars, A Paradigm-Shifting Music Clip, Russ Cancels J-Date, Clea Reveals the Secrets of Females in Dating, Greg Reveals a Heartbreak, and Russ Becomes a Super-Villain.

Mep Report #22 - 22 March 2006
Pismo Beach, An Ocala Education, Self-Incrimination, The Steroids That Ate Baseball, Why We Root, and Andy's Hometown Sports Proposal.

Mep Report #21 - 15 March 2006
The Large Gliding Raccoon That Doesn't Rule the Universe, World Baseball Classic, Games People Play, Andy Witnesses a Vomiting, and Great Actors.

Mep Report #20 - 8 March 2006
Fantasy Baseball Draft, Russ Goes on a J-Date, Egos Gone Wild, Andy Prevents a Friend from Going to the Bathroom, Meta-Mep, and Analyzing Greg.

Mep Report #19 - 1 March 2006
Live from a Capoeira Bar, Mep Gets an E-Mail, Vox Monitor, Russ Defends the Knicks, Detlef Schrempf, deadoraliveinfo.com, Rack-o, Ben Stein, Bush and Port Security, and Brazilian/Vonnegut Equality.

Mep Report #18 - 22 February 2006
Clea Wilson guest stars, Technical Difficulties, Back to the Future that Never Happened, Storey Rants from a Roadside, Greg & Clea Call Russ Out to the East, and Cybering.

Mep Report #17 - 15 February 2006
Daily Podcast Review, Nationalism?, Dick Cheney, Russ Calls Storey Out, Return to Dark Age of Camelot, J-Date Update, Civil War Dating, and Star Wars.

Mep Report #16 - 8 February 2006
Bush and Substance Abuse, The Great Feedback Disaster, SuperBowl Wrap, Mac vs. PC, Betamax, Superman Randomness, the Philosophy of Personal Identity, and Planned Obsolescence.

Mep Report #15 - 1 February 2006
Accolades, The Guinea Pigcast, Inflatable Rats, Russ Pays for J-Date, Shouting from Jeeps, Casual Carpooling, How to Spot a Terrorist, Russ Befriends a Table, and the State of the Union.

Mep Report #14 - 25 January 2006
Odeo, What the Bleep Do We Know?, Russ and the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, The Global Consciousness Project, Superbowl XL, Kobe Bryant, NBA Rundown, Life in Yelm, Coal Mine Safety, and the Emu Pledge Drive.

Mep Report #13 - 18 January 2006
Clea Wilson guest stars, Skating with the Stars, Fair-Use Policy, NNDB.com, Adventures in Furniture, Russ as Frank Oz, AOL Chat Rooms, Cubans, and Clea tells a joke.

Mep Report #12 - 11 January 2006
Storey Becomes Samuel Alito, Andy on Constitutional Law, Greg Becomes Darth Vader, Ono's Restaurant, The Women of Karate Kid, Russ the Junior Vomit Comet, Sideways, Arrested Development, and Psychic Friends.

Mep Report #11 - 4 January 2006
Daniel Day-Lewis, Craigslist, Home Furnishings, Ben Brandzel, Llamas, Russ Wrestles with Adulthood, J-Date, and Dating Hot Women.

Mep Report #10 - 28 December 2005
Bird Flu, Holidays, Pirates, King Kong, Peter Jackson, Pacifism, Hitler, and Singing.

Mep Report #9 - 21 December 2005
Accolades, The Big Bad Government, Russ Travels to a Casino with Biscuits, Water Massages, and Happy Holidays.

Mep Report #8 - 14 December 2005
Fantasy Football, Podcast/Movie Ratings, Taking Names in Vain, Pirates, Andy's Character, Drugs and Koalas, Illegal Strikes, Google Earth, Psychic Powers, Evil Papers, NYC Homeless, and a 3-Word Story.

Mep Report #7 - 7 December 2005
Fantasy Football Playoffs, The Suspenseful Song Bet, Violence in Video Games, Graphics Cards, The PIRG Aspen Retreat, and Cop-in-a-Box.

Mep Report #6 - 30 November 2005
Thanksgiving, Groundlings, Dibs, and the Nature of Video-Game Addiction.

Mep Report #5 - 16 November 2005
Whistling, Star Wars, Christopher Lloyd, Ronald Reagan, Rocky Horror, Progress Quest, Science Fiction, & Googling.

Mep Report #4.1 - 9 November 2005
Serious discussion of evolution vs. intelligent design in schools.

Mep Report #4 - 9 November 2005
1980's TV, The Giant Flying Beaver that Rules the Universe, obscure candidates for NYC mayor, scary flash videos, & the best movies of the last 2 years.

Mep Report #3 - 2 November 2005
California ballot measures debate, Lenin's tomb, & Russ watches lousy movies, especially "Enemy Mine".

Mep Report #2 - 19 October 2005
NBA contracts, MLB steroids, guest appearance from Clea Wilson, the Legend of Stolen Scottish Candy, & Russ feels an earthquake.

Mep Report #1 - 12 October 2005
Baseball playoffs, decapitated pitchers, rebuilding the Yankees, fluffy news vs. bombing the Smurfs, & e-coli scallions.