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Podcasting is the fastest growing media form in recent years. With topics and genres as diverse as the world itself, these radio-style shows deliver free audio (and sometimes video) entertainment to listeners with computers, MP3 players, and of course iPods.

Finally, just a couple years after the birth of this media form, the makers of the famous Blue Pyramid quizzes have designed an online quiz to match your personality with one of 32 leading podcasts!  We'll need just 5 (five) questions to determine what podcast you are!

This is the first and only combination in world history of two exceedingly popular online fad phenomena:
podcasts and personality quizzes!

If you like the quiz and are one of the millions of new podcast listeners, give The Mep Report a listen!  It's funny, it's engaging, it just bested 7,000 rival podcasts to win the largest-ever Podcast Pickle Cast War, and it comes with a free picture of an emu head.

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We neither endorse nor fail to endorse any podcasts listed in our quiz.  Listen or don't at your own risk.  Please don't take any offense at anything said in this quiz about you, your podcast, your favorite podcast, or a podcast you once thought about listening to before deciding to sleep instead.  We didn't mean it.  We're just joking.  It's all intended in good fun.  For the love of God, it's an online personality quiz!